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Policy Brief - Values of Good Governance

             The surging in the wave of violence in the contemporary global milieus, underscores the need for servant leadership that seeks to ensure equity in the society, and respect for human rights. Most countries torn by war and violence such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Central Africa republic, are lacking in terms of leadership that will address the plight of the minority and promote a culture anchored in respect for humanity (Weiss 26). For this reason, there is a high need to change the autocratic form of leadership and policies that are centered on serving the interest of the ruling clique, to adopting governance policies developed from common good of all. This is because the stability and sustainability of social cohesion and adhesion is founded on the some fundamental values that benefit people across various cultural boundaries. .
             Given the rise in global instability emanating from religious radicalization, terrorism, poor leadership, poor sharing of the scarce resources, and poor human management policy, this study seeks to evaluate importance and place of five fundamental values in the contemporary society. These values are love of country, serving others, equality, human rights, and preventing crimes against humanity. The poor leadership policy anchored in individualism and serving the interests of those in leadership positions need to be changed to a policy that promotes equality, and democracy in the society in order to minimize intra-community, inter-religion and civil unrest forms of violence that are threat to not only the direct victims to whole global society in general. In order to eliminate this social and governance problem, there is a needs for both the government officials and the members of public to observe, share and preserve the above identified values. This will enhance social cooperation, and respect for each and every person regardless of their gender, religion, place of birth or race.

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