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The Best Energy Source - Nuclear Power

            These days, almost everywhere through the world use fossil fuels as the primary source of energy. The problem is, people using it too much that oils on Earth are running out extremely quickly. The source is limited, so we should focus on finding alternative energy sources and reducing our dependency on fossil fuels. In my opinion, nuclear power is the most eligible alternative fuel for several reasons. That is safety, efficiency and development potential of nuclear power.
             First of all, many people believe that nuclear power is very dangerous that it could harm our health, but this is not a true. The fact is that burning fossil fuels is more harmful than using nuclear power because it is the largest factor of environmental damage. Burning fossil fuels is not only detrimental to the Earth's atmosphere, but also the accelerator of global warming. However, nuclear power is very safe under the premise of adequate machines that control the nuclear plants technically. Several technologies related to the safety are developed already. By using these, we can use the alternative energy without danger.
             Moreover, nuclear power is definitely the most effective way to create the energy sources among others alternatives. For example, wind power is also a good method but it has a serious trouble. We need to find enough space of land to build the numbers of windmills and it is quite difficult. Plus, cost of maintenance is also very expensive. On the other hand, nuclear power only needs a small portion of the room because it totally depends on chemical reaction, which can reduce a budget greatly. The process is from nuclear energy to heat energy and finally to electronic energy. We do not need to burn fuel in this procedure to create heat. Instead, use the natural heat from nuclear reactions. A great amount of heat is produced during this part and it is cost effective.
             Furthermore, new technologies that can improve the performance of nuclear power are currently under development.

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