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He's Not a Monster, He's Just Human!

            American actor, Rob Reiner, once said: "People can be ignorant and still have loving, human qualities." It is true, as humans, we are bound to enact evil actions showing the savage parts of ourselves. However, even if we do, we are still capable of feeling and displaying love. It is this and the superiority of our intellect and emotions that separate humans from animals. As humans, we seek to mean in our lives, whereas animals or other specifies simply survive with nothing to look forward to. .
             Humans can develop intense, complicated emotions, and think beyond our basic instincts. Signs of human characteristics are demonstrated through the so-called "monster" in Frankenstein. As the "monster" is released into the real world, he hopes to find acceptance and recognition in the human race. By the virtue of his appearance, humanity solely rejects him. However, he experiences the world around him and possesses the skills to learn emotions, feelings, and interaction. Throughout the novel, Mary Shelley constantly implies the monstrosity of human nature. Although the creature represents the typical stereotype of a monster, by observing his actions, we can determine that he was a person capable of learning, thinking, and feeling just like humans.
             The first sign of humanity that the monster develops is the ability to think on a high level and articulate his thoughts. After having been regarded with horror, the "monster" finally comes upon a miserable shelter, this is attached to a cottage of poor, but respectable appearance. Exhausted, he takes refuge there "from the inclemency of the weather and from [.] the barbarity of man" (Shelley 24). The creature, in observing the cottage's three inhabitants, contrives a great affection for the beauty and nobility of their faces. .
             The soothing sounds of music and unfamiliar language exhilarates the creatures agonizing thoughts.

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