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Claim of Fact: School Uniforms

            Children are easily influenced during the younger years prior to their teenage years. Beginning with the teenage years, children are more apt to make their own decisions, based off of what they have learned previously. Teenagers tend to not listen to adults as much as younger children would. This leads them to act on their own knowledge. That is why it is important to ensure children have the best foundation built, prior to their teenage years. This is particularly influenced at the child's school. Schools have great potential for positive improvements on children. The main way a school can make a difference is by having a school uniform policy. In the following paragraphs, you will see why it is a fact that school uniforms improve schools. Children spend so much valuable time in school. Uniforms create environments where learning can occur, behavior is better, the student's freedoms are not abused, and grades are improved. There where studies completed on middle school students that prove the benefits of uniforms and several cities in the United States have converted to over half of the public schools participate in a uniform program. .
             Children typically spend seven hours per day at their school. A lot of children also attend a structured program before or after school. Many households have both parents working, leaving less time to spend with the children. The outcome typically will be that the children spend more time under another adult's supervision. Due to so many different things going on before and after school, children can be greatly impacted during those seven hours dedicated to their school. Since children attend school every day, this creates consistency, building a trusting environment where learning has great potential. This is the reason that it is so important to ensure a child is attending the best school possible. Some families opt to send their children to private schools.

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