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The significance of act III scene 4 in Hamlet

            William Shakespeare (1564 -1616) is the English dramatist and poet, considered by most to be the greatest of all playwrights. His early life was spent in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. He was the son of a Stratford businessman and probably attended the local grammar school, acquiring the basics in the classics. In 1582 he married Anne Hathaway. They had three children, Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judith. .
             Little else is known of his life before 1592, when he appeared as a playwright in London. He continued to live in London till c1610, enjoying fame and prosperity as a member of the Lord Chamberlain's Company, a theater group. In 1599 he became a part owner of the Globe Theatre and in 1608 owner of the Blackfriars Theatre. He retired to Stratford in 1613 and died in 1616. William Shakespeare is buried in the Holy Trinity Church in Stratford. .
             During his career, he wrote 37 plays, 154 Sonnets, and two poems. No other writer's plays have been produced as many times or read so widely as his. "His work communicates a profound knowledge of human nature, revealed through portrayals of a wide variety of characters. These vivid characters come from all types and from many walks of life. There are kings, pickpockets, drunkards, generals, hired killers, shepherds, and philosophers" .Shakespeare's poetry expresses the deepest levels of human nature in universal situations and is considered one of the greatest accomplishments in literary history. .
             The Bard has had enormous influence on culture throughout the world, contributing greatly to the development of the English language. "The world has admired and respected many great writers, but only Shakespeare has generated such varied and continued interest and such constant affection".
             Hamlet is the most popular play written by William Shakespeare and was translated into many languages and has become the subject of excited and critical debate more than any other work of literature.

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