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Advancements of the 1920's

            When I think of the 1920's I believe of the flappers, the growing economy and the glorious new ways of life. The 1920's was known for the way that the people pushed the envelope and were unrecognizable to earlier generations. This era was a major turning point for the culture in the United States. The technological advancements allowed for new ways to communicate ideas and beliefs along with increasing social interaction. The daring nature of the citizens also influenced this considerable change in American culture. .
             Many advancements in technology allowed for people to interact more socially and spread their ideals and beliefs to a broader audience. The radio became a common household object, and many were able to hear the news, sporting games, and religious sermons. Even President Coolidge used the radio to deliver a speech directly to his listeners in 1925. The movie industry also became huge with their silent, black and white films. Going to the movies became a common outing for many of the people in the 1920's. This era began the fascination to know and be associated with movie stars along with desiring to become one. This too was a way to spread ideas to a large crowd because it was such a popular and trendy thing to do. By this decade, the automobile was used very often both in big cities and rural areas. The automobile not only increased the amount of jobs available to the people but increased their sense of freedom. It allowed for further travel, which leads to increased social gatherings because they were able to meet at any place they pleased. These technological advancements allowed for the change in culture during the 1920's. .
             After the end of World War I, called the Great War at the time, the people's attitude towards life became less structured and more daring. The image of women changed drastically during this period. It seemed as if everything got shorter for them, including their hair, dresses, and temper.

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