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The Proudest Day of my Life

            I've had my share of memorable days; some worth remembering, others hard to forget, and not because I don't want to. The proudest day of my life, however, is a memory I cherish. Prior to this memorable day, I had put things in place to make this possible. I was elected as an interim president for the Abladei Writers And Debaters Club (AWADEC) in my second year of high school, with my best friend for my vice. We did our best to hold the club together; we had little support from our predecessors. We had to go hunt freshers to join the club, teaching them individual histories the club had which we knew little of. Instilling particular aspirations and giving them hopes we knew to be fantasies. We did everything to keep this real: although we(my vice and I) were science students, we sacrificed our classes, our leisures, even our monies to train and prepare them to sustain the club in our absence. To the extent of recruiting new members for them, when we were supposed to be learning for our WASSCE which was about a week away. Even after our graduation, we kept our eyes on them, staying in contact and motivating them when necessary. .
             The independence day was fast approaching, and the search for the school to represent the country during this occasion was in process. The Ministry of Education had decided to reach this goal by organising a national debate for all governmental high schools in the country. My kids won at the district level and also at the zonals. I watched them win at the lower regionals. The competition was tough, yet they made it through. My vice and I decided to go with them to the finals which was to be held at the GNATS Hall in the capital. This day started with me still in bed; I could hardly get any sleep during the night. I missed the school bus as a result, had to get aboard a public transport bus, alight at the bus-stop and walk a short distance to the venue. They were warming up, they had everything in control hence all I did was help calm them down and assure them they are second to none.

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