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Teenage pregnancy cause and effect

            Everyday, everywhere we go we gee a teenage girl pregnant. As teenagers we don't realize the long term effect that unprotected sex will have on us. Not only do we run the risk of pregnancy, but we also run the risk of getting a very nasty disease. .
             I was fresh out of high school and my girlfriend (Sarah) was a senior, when we found out Sarah was pregnant! It was a scary day that day; there were big decisions to make. Should we have an abortion? Should we give the baby up for adoption? What will we do for insurance? Should we get married? What will we do for money? Me being against abortion and would not give my child for adoption, both those questions were answered right away!.
             A couple of days later I signed up to join the army, that took care of the insurance and money problem. A couple days before I left for the military, I proposed to Sarah, because it was the right thing to do. RIGHT? .
             I finished basic training, came home and a hot August afternoon Sarah and I were married. I moved my new bride and future baby boy to North Carolina to start our family. We had no friends or family and we had to rely on each other. It wasn't long and a beautiful baby boy was born. It was the proudest day of my life! It wasn't long after the baby was born that we started to figure out that we weren't really meant to be. We went to marriage counseling and try hard to work it out for the babies sake.
             My Army term was over and we moved back to Ohio and finally decided to divorce. It was hard at first not seeing my son everyday, and being alone. I rebounded and now have been remarried for three years. I have another beautiful twenty month old baby boy . I know this time I am married for the right reasons love, not cause we were pregnant. Don't get me wrong I have never regretted having unprotected sex when I was a teenager, because I have a beautiful eight year old son to show for it. I wouldn't trade that in for anything.

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