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The American French Revolution

             Editor, I did my rhetorical analysis over "What Class Warfare Really Looks Like" by Dee Dee Myers, which is about the wealth distribution in our America and ongoing battle over which social class deserves a better tax break. This article talks about our ever increasing gap between the super wealthy and the lower classes, and what our political leaders are trying to do to reduce it. This topic affects us all, whether it affects us in our pockets or socially, college students need to know what is happening in the real world in order to be better prepared and not become part of the problem that our leaders are trying to resolve, and since we are in an election year, this topic becomes even more important. After reading this article I have concluded that this article should be published in The Shorthorn because I think it will get a great deal of the readers intellectually attached to what Myers is trying to say.
             In this article Myers explains the state in which our economy is in, and what some elected officials are doing about it. In this article she claims that the economic gap between the wealthy and the poor is increasing at an unprecedented rate. She also claims that this major increase in the economic gap is due to conservative tax breaks on the wealthy citizens. Although this article seems very credible, Myers seems that she put in a lot of bias in this article because the majority of her article is based on criticizing wealthy Americans and the conservatives trying to protect their money from being taxed to help the rest of Americans who are in bad economical conditions. Although this bias may make her article less credible on facts, Myers manages to connect the issue with the bias very well. Some people may disagree with this, but the truth is that we see this exact same issue being discussed almost every single day on CNN and other well known news programs, making this article worthy of being read.

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