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American and French Revolution Essay

            American and French Revolution Essay.
             Both the American and French revolutions had major effects on people and how they wanted their country to be run. These people fought for what they believed in and didn't give up. In the end the better of the people rose up and their hopes of freedom came to be. .
             Important people in the American Revolution were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Paul Revere. These people helped in some shape or form in the revolution against Great Britain. George Washington was appointed military commander to represent the citizens. With his skills the troops forced the British to surrender in Yorktown, Virginia. Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence. The document set forth the colonists reasons for separation from Great Britain. Paul Revere learned of the British plan to destroy weapons collected on the town of Concord. He rode on his horse to warn the citizens that the British were coming. Seventy farmers and villagers were blocking the British's path in Lexington. Without Paul's knowledge of this the British would have seized all the weapons they were looking for. On the French side important people were Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Louis XVI took the throne at 19 years old. He taxed nobility and clergy for the debt France was in. In 1792 he was beheaded for having conspired against the liberty of the nation. His wife Marie Antoinette was the Austrian daughter of Marie Teresa. The French hated her because she spent millions on clothes and material objects and she wasn't French. Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military leader. With his marriage to Josephine de Beauharnaiz he was able to get command of the French army. He was able to achieve many victories. .
             Causes for the American and French revolutions were similar to one another. The colonies had a bad government. They had few rights and were being unfairly taxed.

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