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Human Rights and Gender-Based Violence

            Of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 1, Right to Equality states that "You are born free and equal in rights to every other human being. You have the ability to think and tell right from wrong. You should treat others with friendship." In my opinion, this means that everyone, despite gender or race, has rights and should be treated equally. However, in some developing countries this is not the case. The major cause of Gender-Based Violence is the culture and lack of education; it continues to be a problem because in developing countries people don't understand the value of women. Since this has been going on for years, it has been imbedded into the culture and is considered normal to do.
             A form of gender based violence is Honor Killings in which parents kill their daughter for dishonoring their family in hope that this would bring back honor. From the documentary, "Honor Daries" about honor within families. A woman named Jasvinder Sanghera says, ". But she took her own life because the harder decision was to leave her husband and dishonor my family because she had been conditioned to believe that was the priority over and above your own life We're made to believe that we come second to that." .
             Honor has become an important aspect within families that it became apart of the culture, also with this it also became apart of the culture to punish women who "dishonored" the family. If a women was to kill herself in fear for dishonoring the family then people will say she did the right thing. This brings the subject that honor is more important than a human being's life, especially a woman's life. Another form of Gender-Based Violence is Mass Rape in which rape is happening everywhere in large rates. Chapter "Rule by Rape" from the book, "Half the Sky" by Nicholas Knistof it states, ".21 percent of Ghanaian women reported in one survey that their sexual initiation was by rape; 17 percent of Nigerian women said that they had endured rape or attempted rape by the age of nineteen; and 21 percent of South African women reported that they had been raped by the age of fifteen.

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