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Man-Made Environmental Issues

            There are various environmental issues which have a negative impact on the ecosystem and habits. For instance, flooding, plastic debris in the ocean beaches and the acidity of ocean waters. Many of the environmental issues are caused by human activity but the environment impact cannot be ignored. This paper will review various articles environmental issues and their impact on the ecosystem.
             Ocean Acidification, Population Demography and Adaptation Potential.
             The article from the science daily magazine addresses the impact of ocean acidification on the population dynamics of the marine species. The investigation was done on the gastropod species, Hexaplex trunculus, and how it responded to ocean acidification over time. Due to the changes in acidity levels in the ocean, there have been changes in the male and female species of the gastropod species. The energy budget for the animal species has not been the same year-on-year and this has resulted in a drift in that could hinder the genetic adaptation of to the ocean acidification the gastropod, Hexaplex trunculus is a mollusc species with commercial value in African countries that border the Mediterranean due to its wide consumption. The species can grow to a length of nearly 10cm but this is affected by the acidic concentration in the oceanic water (Kletou).
             Ocean acidification is caused by the uptake of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere due to human activity. Also, carbon dioxide can be released into the oceans due to the volcanic activities which emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The Mediterranean regions experience frequent volcanic activities and thus, the Ph level of the oceanic waters in this region has been reduced. The research found that the species in sites with high concentrations of carbon dioxide had lower shell lengths as compared to the species in sites with low concentrations of carbon dioxide. Also, fewer females are found in sites with low Ph, while the sex ratio at the control site was found to be 50%.

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