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Learning from Failure

             High school offered the ideal platform to start building on leadership skills. You weren't expected to be totally perfect, but you still had the potential to impact lives. .
             The first time around was easy. The opportunity to get involved with community service was handed to me. A family friend had just been elected onto the city council, and he was more than willing to act the role of a sponsor and assist in getting a non-profit group going. With a group of equally determined peers, we founded -----------. Our goal was to offer free one-on-one math tutoring for underprivileged elementary students living in ---------. All seemed well as we set off full steam ahead. It was defining and memorable; I made so many friends through the volunteer network and formed bonds with all of the students I interacted with.
             However, unforeseeable events happened, and I ended up abruptly resigning from my leadership position. The story runs deeper, but as it turned out the club's president and her parent who was heavily involved with ---------- were self-absorbed individuals who were taking advantage of our family's connection to the new city council member. It was a difficult period as I became aware of the other side, one that was full of conceited people who didn't actually care about good causes but would do anything for self gain.
             I decided to take a break from community service for a while, the wounds of betrayal still fresh. Still a relatively naive sophomore, my view on humanity was intensely damaged. Soon, it began to dawn on me that one bad experience shouldn't ruin the enjoyment of giving back to the community. With renewed hope and my mom's perpetual support and matched passion to be involved with not for profit work, I decided to give it another shot. .
             This time, it was different. I truly had to push the envelope with my leadership skills. I emailed all the city's council members, school board members, and any other local government leader in an appeal to get their support to found -----------, a similar program as --------, in my home city.

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