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Economics and Export Commodities

             Export Capital for Production Abroad.
             Traditionally I think since utilitarian's want an economic system that will bring the most happiness to society, I would think they would be in support of exporting raw materials for production abroad. They may reason that even though many will lose their jobs locally, even more people will benefit from the move. For example, the shareholders, CEO, and of course the people that are being employed abroad all benefit. Especially, when considering the declining marginal utility of money for American's in comparison with those employed abroad. (Shaw & Barry, 2010, p. 113) However, I have a problem with this conclusion. I think in many cases exporting raw materials for production abroad only to take advantage of cheap labor and lining the CEO and shareholders pockets is very short sighted. I think US corporations have a moral obligation to take of their employees and community (especially when American's are usually the biggest consumer of the final product), and should only consider exporting production abroad after all other alternatives have been exhausted. Also I think many may forget that one reason why production cost are so high in the US is because we have strict safety and environmental regulations that keep everyone safe and healthy which greatly contributes to everyone's happiness. (Shaw & Barry, 2010, p. 267) A good example of harm the harm caused from exporting production abroad is China that is unsafe sweatshops, and polluted air and water caused by these factories. (Montagne, 2012).
             2. Export Commodities - Banned from Sale in the United States.
             I'm assuming commodities in these question, is referring to products, and not raw materials like gold, timber, corn, coffee, oil, etc. I would definitely say that rules should be placed on the exportation of products which have been banned from sale in the US. Kant's ethical theory in essence is made up of two parts: 1.

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