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Visual Analysis - AT&T

             Through a unique and aesthetically pleasing design, the cellular phone company has successfully produced an engaging advertisement. Harmonious, vibrant colors, visually stimulating artistic design, and a well balanced layout, make this advertisement eye grabbing. This creative approach to marketing technology has garnered much attention. .
             This advertisement by AT&T is effective because of the complimentary, soothing colors which act as a visual eye magnet to attract viewers. These colors demand a second, detailed look. At first glance, the intended audience sees a tropical fish swimming by coral in the deep, blue ocean. Upon further inspection, the viewer realizes the ad has been created by the use of human hands. This ingenuity prompts one to want to read the details, highlighted in a contrasting orange, proclaimed by AT&T. Layout, design, and color scheme are all components of an aesthetic sensation that make this advertisement succeed. .
             In Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals, author Jim Fowles talks about the need for aesthetic sensation. "There is an undeniable aesthetic component to virtually every ad run in the national media: the photography or filming or drawing is near-perfect, the type style is well chosen, layout could scarcely be improved upon" (Fowles, 5). AT&T's ad campaign for global communication does not lack, in any way, from Fowles' description of what makes great visual components in advertising. The bright colors used in the ad immediately seize the viewer's attention, as graceful painted hands capture and amplify the exotic beauty of the ocean's calm underwater world. Even if you can't be in the Bahamas, at least you feel like you are. The text in the advertisement creates a funnel for the eye. Fowles explains that if an advertisement is not visually pleasing, there is going to be little communication with the viewer. .
             Even if one does not use AT&T as their current cellular phone carrier, it appeals through an undisputable, unique design.

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