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Diabetes Type 1: A New Lifestyle

            As many know, diabetes is nowadays a very common disorder consider as the seventh leading cause of death in the United States (American diabetes Association, Statistics about Diabetes). The pancreas stops producing insulin, a hormone that regulates the glucose in the blood, which is an important energy source for living things that allows a person to have a normal daily life without any complications. Type 1 diabetes is common at a very vast age range: from the age of 14 (the peak age of concurrency) up to 40. It is considered type 2 diabetes when a person passes the age of 40. .
             There are different factors that might trigger a diabetes disorder; the most important is by Inherited (genetics), which means that that disorder might have a family history where more than one relative might have diabetes (Chase, 16). However, many people are unaware of the risks that diabetes might cause. Many of them don't even know what they have until it's too late when problems start to deteriorate the body and its daily functions. I am aware of all the consequences diabetes can bring. Five years ago, while I was having some problems with my sugar levels, my grandfather by accident or "out of luck" tried out one of those blood glucose testers and turned out that he had a high blood sugar level. One month later and further results turned out that he had diabetes, for how long, that was the question but more important, what now? After several months, different nutriologists and specialists, a new lifestyle was created from nothing. The real question was how my grandfather didn't present any health issues all those years with his same diet and routines.
             Doubtless there is a lot of information and many different treatments for this disorder. People with diabetes are still having a non-healthy diet and not having the right medications. They are endangering their life by many ways. A person can have diabetes for many years without knowing.

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