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Deconstructive Criticism: Beauty and the Beast

            The sweet, unselfish and loving daughter named Belle can be turned into someone who we never thought when we're young that she can be. According to Derrida (1960's) Deconstruction is a method of reading which is based on the assumption that language is unreliable. The goal of a deconstructionist reading is to seek out the contradictions in the text to prove that the text lacks unity and coherence. So in the story of Beauty and the Beast we are going to find out the things that don't match with each other and the scenes that do not fit with the situations of the characters. .
             Before the ship of Belle's father disappeared they have plenty of money because her father was a merchant, but in the story Belle is the one who do the house chores because her sisters are lazy and very demanding. If her father is really a good one and love his daughters, he could get a maid for them and let his daughters feel easy about their lives. Another thing is when her father let Belle sacrifice her own self to save him from the beast. A father should be the one to protect his children from danger. That's why I conclude that Belle's father don't really love them since there mother was gone, he might wanted to marry again that's why he's trying to put away his daughter.
             According to Literature Portal, Binary opposition is the system by which, in language and thought, two theoretical opposites are strictly defined and set off against one another. Binary Opposition is also present in the story of Beauty and the Beast. The castle is described as a dark, lonely, and somehow creepy, but having a garden full of roses opposed the aura of the castle. Because of this, it can be figured out that it's a normal castle where Kings and Queens lived and like other royalties the person who lived there is also a rich, famous prince. The rose symbolizes love and happiness but in the story it becomes the root of the problem. The physical appearance of the beast is ugly that is opposite in his attitude who has a beautiful heart.

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