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Beauty and the Beast / As Good As It Gets

            Beauty and the Beast and As Good As it Gets are similar and are also unlike. These two share common similarities such as the beast like Melvin are giving. In As Good As it Gets, Melvin offers Carol a doctor to help her soon with her asthma problem. He gives it to her in exchange for her working at the restaurant at wish he is accustomed to. In Beauty and the Beast, the beast does not harm the merchant in exchange for one of his daughters. They are both compassionate men only their exterior does not show in, when you get to know them they care. They both have went through some rough times and, although Melvin did not have any kind of enchantment placed on him they both were ugly on the outside. Another similarity is of their environment. Melvin's home was not so much as a castle but kept very well. Everything was clean, always food and big. The beast's home was extravagant and warming just like Melvin's. Beauty and Carol are also similar. They are very warm and put themselves last before anything. Carol is always doing for her son before taking care of herself, just as Beauty wanted to protect her father. .
             The Beauty and the Beast and As Good As It Gets are also very unlike. Melvin would does not like change and would do anything to get her back at the restaurant. He had his daily routine set up, and when it changed he was destroyed. The beast saw that Beauty was unhappy and allowed her to go home. He asked what was wrong with a sincere tone while when Melvin as Carol what was wrong he didn't really care. The beast welcomed the merchant into his home, feeding him lovely meals and letting him rest. While Melvin did not like anything to be messed up in his life, he had to welcome Simon's dog. Carol also could not tolerate Melvin, and was not afraid to stand him up to him. Beauty at first seemed scared and afraid to tell him how she really felt.
             These two stories share both similarities and differences.

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