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A Look at Gender Differences

            Gender difference is an issue that has been the interest of scientists in the last few decades. Lawrence Cohen has explained the gender differences and its effects in his article hunters and Gatherers in the Classroom he concentrated on the young children and how gender role starts in their life and affect their life by using certain words and behaving in a certain ways. He also showed the importance of the environment around young people which can affect the behavior of the kids because it is either construct or deconstruct them. It can be shown as aggression or bullying from the peers, but these environmental effects are not the origin of the behavior and values of both genders which controls them for the whole life. The human nature and instincts have main effects on the behavior and the choices of young children.
             The physical differences between males and female restrict their choices. Males are able to deal with physical activities more than women because they have the ability and they are physically qualified for such activates while women have weaker bodies. That doesn't mean women cannot handle that activities at all but it is hard for them because of their physical structure. An example of these activities that are practiced by young boys is the types of games that they play with their peers like racing and fighting their physical nature and instincts make them more comfortable with these activities because it releases the energy inside them. Girls can also practice these activities but they won't be comfortable with it because they don't have enough energy. Girls tend to play games that deal with decoration and talking because it doesn't need much physical energy: so they will be more comfortable with it.
             Moreover, the choices of the boys and the girls are different because of their physical nature which is affected by the hormones produced by their bodies which change the structure and the emotions of both genders.

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