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Geopolitics and Security: Russia, China and the US

            The event I attended Monday evening at St. Edward's University was titled Shifting Geopolitics and Security among Major Powers: Russian, China, & US. The event was held at the Carter Auditorium in the Sciences building on February 8, 2016, at 6:00 p.m. At this event, there were six speakers, all ranging from professors to foreign policy specialists from countries such as Germany, Russia, China & US. I went to this event because its focus primarily targeted current problems and situations regarding many global issues, concentrating primarily on the US, China, & Russia. I hoped to gain a stronger understanding of what is going on in the world because in actuality this affects everyone, so it is better to have an equal form of understanding or a concept of knowledge on the subject. .
             I felt that the conference was very informative in that it opened my eyes to the current problems and situations regarding geopolitics. I was intrigued by the myriad of views and feelings of people from the different countries represented by the speakers. I learned many new things at the conference, such as the conflicting relationships between the US, China, & Russia, and how the power of their economies and political strength coincide to build their own reputations as grade powers. To clarify, grade powers are nations that have sovereignty and independence and could essentially secure themselves without the help of others, according to Dr. Artyom Lukin from Germany. Since China, Russia, and the US are considered as to be the most powerful nations, there economies, military power, and political actions are what regulate the powers of each country. .
             Listening to the different points and similar topics brought up by all of the speakers familiarized me with each countries viewpoints. However, I did notice a similar pattern between all of the professors, and that was a need to form stronger relations between each other instead of furthering away from each other, because in a sense each country interdependently relies on the other – economically, politically, and militarily.

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