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             The grunge scene started among middle class white teenagers in Seattle in the late 1980s, it is a hybrid of punk and heavy metal. Legend has it that two teens, who would later start the grunge band Mother Love Bone, screamed uncontrollably in a small Seattle coffee house called Java"Tude until the owner removed "hip to be Square" by Huey Lewis from the juke box. They argued that they had no way to relate to such a happy music in their soggy little town. Whether the story is true or not, it illustrates Grunge culture perfectly, angry middle-class youth you who feel depressed and alienated from the rest of society. Which results in a desire to rebel against authority. The generation of the early 80's was suffering from the austerity involved in paying for the economic excesses of the 1970s and 1980s and realized that they faced a constricting horizon of opportunity. Environmentalism was drilled into their heads, they where aware that the natural environment was badly degrading. They were painfully aware of the danger of AIDS, which was depriving them of youthful sexual experimentation and restricting their sex lives in general. Also, they were often personally affected family issues, such as divorce, and child, spouse and substance abuse. They felt they had been betrayed, and victimized by the older generation; therefore they rejected their ideology by creating their own subculture. A huge part of grunge culture is music. Two of the most well known grunge bands are Nirvana, led by Kurt Cobain, and Pearl Jam, led by Eddie Vedder, both of which are Seattle based. Grunge musicians were anti-mainstream and rejected the rock-star image; the artist was not placed above the audience. To express this attitude Eddie Vedder still dressed the same and allegedly drove the same old little car even after great success. Grunge Musicians are also known for preferring small, more personal venues and often jumping into the crowd at shows.

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