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Frankenstien and the Apocalypse on Science

            Frankenstein has the most precious and most lacking spirit that the later science fiction works barely have, the reflections on scientism. The merit which made it a classic book is its astonishing ability to predict. The vision it has is way beyond its era; it is adept to penetrate the insights on scientism, which are inspiring and exhortatory to our race, no matter how advanced the technologies we have which we think we are capable of reining them. Shelley predicts a dangerous circumstance through women's sensitivity and acuteness, which scientism, which means too much reliance on science to transform the human interests and environment, enables humans to boundlessly idolize it, becoming indefeasible. .
             The irrational exploration of knowledge and technology leads to an uncontrollable situation in the field of science, facilitating ungovernable innovative science's pursuits much more likely to diverge blindly from its original intention, they are potentially ultimately to destroy all the glorious triumphs that humans attained based on science, and it is humans' duty to fix the value of science for our future from the past. .
             In the book, the creation symbolizes a double meaning, he is the heresy from human's view, he is also an abstract imitation of humans ourselves; He displays the procedure of human's pursuit toward the unlimited field of science and knowledge, he also demonstrates the tragic consequences that are caused by human's exceeded desire and relying on science. Victor Frankenstein's emblems are even more profound, the human faith of science and knowledge are extracted in him, he braces human's value and appetite toward honor along with nobility, but ultimately, he stands for the whole human society is struggling in this abyss of faith and esteem. The instrument which formulates this is just the science technology. In other words, science technology is simply a stimulation of longings of human, and it is only human can decide the fate of science technology by altering their longings upon science technology.

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