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My Personal Story of War

             It is my duty as a Korean, who lives in a country that values equality and freedom, to serve and protect my country. However, the thought of being away from my home, my family and friends, for so long frightens me. These very thoughts might as well condemn me to a life of seclusion and solitude.
             South Korea, the Republic of Korea, split from the North in 1945 after the Allies' victory in the 2nd World War. With the help of the United States and the Allies, the South experienced a great boost in their economy. Furthermore, the United State's belief in equality influenced South Korea's beliefs and helped to create a stable and clear foundation to build upon. While it continues to remain democratic, the North has dissimilar values and principles compared to its other half. It took on a communistic approach in their choice of government and the 1st leader of this undeveloped nation was Kim Jong-il. .
             With technological advancement such as the nuclear bomb, the North raced to arm itself with it. Hence, tensions between the two were hostile and rampant around the late 1900s. Due to many factors, South Korea enacted a Conscription Law in 1965 in which all eligible males aged 18 to 35 must complete 2 years of military service. What mainly perturbed me as a child was the unstable and volatile relationship between the two newly developed nations. Threats and remembrance of the last war, World War II, loomed over the minds of the citizens of both the North and South . When. No why, how, or any other. Only the inevitable when. The past was filled with altercations. What course the future might take was of uncertainty and trepidation.
             Before myself, my father also completed his duty. He was a strict and emotionless man. I relate it to the fact that he lived during the time of World War II. He had to harden his emotions in order to survive with his guilt. Many of his friends, family members, and people he just knew did not survive, unlike himself.

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