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Little Women

            The book, Little Women, is enjoyable because it's realistic, its characters are unforgettable, and the author wrote it so you never get bored.
             Little Women is a story about a poor family of girls and the time they.
             spend growing up during the Civil War. The March family consists of Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy, and their mother, Marmee. Their father is away, battling in the Civil War. Meg, the oldest, is sixteen. Jo is fifteen and she's a tomboy. The shy one is Beth, thirteen and the youngest is Amy. As the plot thickens, you will read about a handsome young man living next door. His name is Theodore Lawrence but the March sisters call him Laurie. Eventually, a romance sparks up between Jo and this neighbor. Towards the end of the story, a suspenseful sickness takes place and everyone in the March household is affected by it.
             One of the reasons I enjoyed reading this book is because it's realistic. Many of the events in the story either could or did happen; (i.e. " men were suffering in the dreadful American Civil War." Pg. 10). I also think that the author wrote this so real people could relate to these brave women. For example, everyone goes through crushes just like Jo and Laurie do. There's real emotion in the story, just like a real person would have if their husband or father went to war. I think reading a story that really could happen helps me to picture it while I"m reading.
             The second reason I like Little Women is because its characters are unforgettable. My personal favorite is Jo. I like her because she's old enough to be responsible but she still know how to have fun. Jo is somewhat of a tomboy so she's not afraid to get dirty and play hard. She also has that sensitive side that comes out when she's around Laurie. Jo is very passionate about her writing and I think that it's important to be passionate about what you do. One of my favorite parts in the book is where Jo cuts off her hair for her father.

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