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A Poetic Story of Ramón Sampedro

            "The Sea Inside" is a Spanish film that came out in 2004 that was directed by Alejandro Amenabar. The film is about Ramón Sampedro who is quadriplegic after a diving accident that occurred when he was young and how he is trying to finish his battling after 30 years of being in this condition. Of course, Ramón cannot do anything on his own so he needs someone to help him do everything from bathing to eating to reading and writing. The movie focuses on his story and how he keeps up his journey to take his life and not live in the paralyzed state. The moral issue that this film presents is that of assisted suicide and autonomy. Throughout the movie, both sides of the argument of assisted suicide are presented and both sides are very set in their opinions. Despite that many people believe that the person who helps is a murderer, assisted suicide should be legal. If the patient wants to commit the act but cannot do it themselves they should be able to have someone to help them. The person that helps them should not be penalized for helping the patient. Suicide is not considered murder so why is assisted suicide? .
             Out to of the two moral issues the first is that of euthanasia. The definition of euthanasia is "the painless inducement of a quick death" (Kohl, Marvin) which is offered to us by Marvin Kohl. Although there are other variations of the definitions this one is simple and the main point of them. The issue behind this is that people are against someone helping a person kill another. In Ramón case, he is paralyzed from the neck down, he cannot do anything for himself. So in order for him to be able to take his own life he needed someone to help him first get the potassium cyanide and then for someone to place the cup with a straw in a place where he could move his neck and drink the cup in its entirety. For most the issue with this is with the person that is helping the patient.

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