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El Chavo del Ocho's Argument

            It is very interesting to tell how this series shows very well the Latin-American reality. It is a reality of incomplete families, financial problems, accumulation of people and even discriminatory issues that are always in every population. Precisely, el Chavo del Ocho is known because of showing in the TV the Latin-American middle-low class image summarized all in a little, old neighborhood.
             First, el Chavo del Ocho is a eight year old boy who came to a neighborhood like others, full of dislike neighbors and who are not foreign to the common problems. Even though, all the situations happen in the front common patio. There, there are the houses of the principal characters: Mr. Ramon, who lives with his daughter Chilindrina, Mrs. Cleotilde, a single lady who lives at the expense of her pension, Mrs. Florinda and her son Quico, who think they are superior to the others neighbors. Also, is Mr. Barriga who is the landlord and charges the rent monthly, and is professor Jirafales, who wants to marry Mrs. Florinda.
             All this characters live together almost in obligation. They have a special way to do it, since el Chavo is the principal headache of Mr. Ramon, who in his turn, receives all the humiliation from Mrs. Florinda. The poor man suffers each time the landlord comes to charge the rents, but this guy pardons Mr. Ramon because of his good excuses and escapes.
             Chilindrina, Mr. Ramon's daughter, is the only girl and she is the leader of the children for her mental acuteness. This girl schemes hundreds of mischief and generally she gets what she wants. Quico, Mrs. Florinda's son, is maybe the silliest kid, even more than el Chavo, and he tends to be the easy target of Chilindrinas' and Chavo's caprices and knocks. But Quico has a very good exploited weapon. Mrs. Florinda pampers him very much, so she doesn't feel embarrassment when Quico needs she to take revenge for him.
             The funniest situations happen when Mrs.

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