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Abortion: Supporting and Opposing

            "Is abortion ethical?" The question that had everyone talking about morality, abortion became a hot topic in 1973 with the case Roe v. Wade. Action groups were formed and the women's rights movement was changed drastically. People everywhere were divided into sides; pro-choice or pro-life. Regardless of the side chosen, the issue demands attention. Controversy emerges from this discussion, some believe that abortion is an ethical procedure and does no harm, while others believe that abortion is harmful and morally wrong. The arguments for this discussion must both be considered in order to reach a valid conclusion. .
             On one side of the abortion debate are those who believe that abortion is not an issue that necessarily needs to be discussed. They believe abortion is ethical on the basis that a woman's right to choose is to be valued and respected. .
             Abortion is defined as the purposeful termination of a pregnancy that is performed (in most cases) during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy. Abortion is ethical, because as citizens of the United States of America, each person is given unalienable rights that can not be infringed upon by religious communities or the government. Should a woman be struggling with the decision of whether or not to terminate her pregnancy, she has the right to make the decision for herself and her well-being. As an adult human being, the woman's rights outweigh any rights that a fetus or embryo may or may not be entitled to. Women are entitled to their rights and more importantly, what to do with their own bodies. Even the Supreme Court has decided that abortion is fundamentally a guaranteed right in the U.S. Constitution (Roe vs. Wade). .
             The right to reproductive choice can do no harm, but rather empower women. For centuries, women were denied full control over their own bodies. Now, due to the recognition of reproductive rights, women can fully take responsibility for themselves and their choices.

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