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Othello: Notes and Study Guide

             Iago's speeches indicate his true malicious intentions and the true nature of the reasons for his relationships with the other characters. He is manipulative and is a wicked person with the facade of a friend. He is motivated by his own lust for power and selfishness.
             2. Iago is a manipulative villain. Much like Richard II and Don John, his primary goal is power. He manipulated the others around him in order to amass influence and manipulating them to fuel his own selfish desires. .
             3. Iago's speeches make the other characters appear to be fools only falling for his manipulation. Iago is such a masterful manipulator due to his ability to convince others that they are right and telling them exactly what they want to hear. For example, he falsely confirms Othello's suspicions of Desdemona's infidelity and weakens their relationship as a result. .
             4. In the beginning of the play, we see Othello as a man who is somewhat rejected by the Venetians based on his background and race. He is exceptional due to the fact that he is highly ranked as a warrior and commands respect from his lieutenants. However, he still sees himself as different from the Venetians although he has become a part of their society.
             5. Venice is a commercial city centered on commerce and trade, the Duke being the somewhat haughty ruler of it all. Venice treats outsiders as well as women with a degree of disrespect. They are seen as lower or subordinate to the Venetians. .
             6. Desdemona is an ambitious and faithful character. Her marriage to Othello is extremely courageous due to the fact that he is Moorish and seen as an outsider by most other Venetians. She behaves differently in the midst of different characters. She is loving toward Othello but coarse towards Iago.
             7. As the setting changes from Venice to Cypress, the tension of the story increases. It is at Cypress where Iago begins to implement the more sinister stages of his plan.
             8. Cassio is a somewhat gullible individual.

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