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My Experience Playing Cricket

            Spring had started, and every guy on the block and in the school ground was already rushing to sign up to the best cricket team possible for the season. As that was what, every kid loved in our part of the world. It was like the streets of India where every family As for me the pressure was on to play for a sport that didn't give that me that much interest but I felt it was the best way to get more socially with peers that I definitely had trouble with at school. I knew I wouldn't really belong to the team as I didn't have what it takes to be skilfully a good player and a good homage for the team. .
             Registrations were up and my friend Sam and I decided to walk to the field where the booking took place. It didn't feel like the best idea at all but I had to prove to people that I could be a good asset to the team. It was finally done. The forms were complete, they gave me a solid looking uniform, the training schedule and a huge fee for the whole season that got me thinking if it was all worth it. .
             Our arrival to the training nets was early and nerve racking since I was nervous to see a dozen strangers that I'll be with for the rest of the year. The apparent coach approached us and asked us to give a few bowls to the batsmen already in the nets. My run-up was short, a few paces from the pitch and as I delivered the ball it launched over the net and into the bushes. A few laughs came from behind as I went to pick up my rubbish ball. It felt humiliating once knowing every pupil was watching my delivery. As it was time to leave I had doubts that I belonged to the team since I didn't share many words with any other kids of the team. Plus my performance that afternoon was well over-shone by every other player that afternoon who gave the coach a good impression of their talent.
             Waking up to a very early Saturday was probably the worst thing about all of this. I was too weak to do anything that early but I was relieved to hear that we won the toss which enabled us to bat first.

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