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mr miller

            Throughout out my school career I have taken the many of the opportunities open to me, such as sports clubs visits and I have also taken part in school politics. I have also enjoyed and worked at a high standard in the majority of subjects.
             I have always worked well in the three sciences and I feel they are some of my strongest subjects. Maths has also been a fairly strong subject, as have all of the humanities. I have probably enjoyed P.E the most because I like physical work. Although English isn't my strongest subject, I achieved a level six for my SAT exam in year nine. I also managed a level seven in maths and a level six in science. I am also confident of achieving a least a B in most of my GCSE exams.
             I have done well in PE and enjoyed it very much. I have been in many school teams including football, rugby, basketball, cricket and hockey. I have also attended District Sports in shot put, even though it isn't my strongest event.
             I have taken part in virtually every study visit possible. I went to Wegimont in year 7 and I also went on a rugby tour in year 7. In year 8 I went on a French exchange. This didn't really help my French, but I feel my German improved when I visited Germany in years 9 and 10. I also took the opportunity to go to The Peak District National Park on a Geography field trip. I feel this trip helped my geographical understanding.
             I was going to be a member of cast in the school play Boudicca in year 9 but unfortunately the play was cancelled.
             For my work experience I am hoping to work for Ford Racing as an office assistant but if that is not possible, I will be an assistant at Trace Elliot amplifier company or as an assistant at Chelmsford City Football club as I have an interest in football.
             I don't really know what I wish to do for a career, but I have an interest in sport, cars and music. Since I have been at the Anglo European I have taken up the Bass guitar. I intend to attend Sixth Form and university, which could help me decide on a career.

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