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Student Characteristics: Good and Bad

             Itś all about actually wanting whatś best for yourself, -Jordan Sams. As long as you have a mindset that you're going to pass an exam, studying for it will easy. I took a minute to think about it after he said that. I would have to admit, part of me really doesn't agree, only because even though I have my mindset that I really need to pass an exam, it still doesn't make it any more easier to study for it. Although, I do agree, that part of it does have to do with wanting what's best for yourself, because I know that if I don't have any motivation to do something then I won't do it.
             I had a few answers that were all in common. Organization. If you stay organized, it sure does help out so much more than what you think, says my girlfriend Ondrea Busch, Imagine trying to type your paper, then realizing you lost the rubric for it. That takes up so much more time looking for the rubric to start your paper, when you could be already almost done with it. My mom also said something similar to this, Keep everything in order so that you won't lose anything important for a certain class. I think that staying organized has to be one of the most helpful student characteristic to have. It will help me get through college smoothly if I just keep a place for everything that way I will know where everything is. I also think thatś a good characteristic to have even outside of school. Thatś something that would make life so much easier as a whole.
             I was very surprised to find out that not too many people mentioned the importance of time management. I would say this is the very best student characteristic to have and it also goes along with staying organized. My Uncle Frank gave me some pointers, based off this project, to help me manage my own time. "Tre, you have to realize what's important for yourself and what is actually going to get you somewhere in your future. If you have the time to kick it with you bros and have a movie night with your girlfriend, but you can't turn your paper in on time, then that's when you should take a step back and think.

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