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Putting an End to Stereotyping

            After the 9/11 attack, I started to think that all Arabs and Muslims are terrorists. I also think women aren't as good at sports as men because they're not strong enough. What am I doing by making these comments? Well, what I'm doing is I am stereotyping, and this means that I'm attributing certain thoughts and certain cognition to a group of individuals. I'm over generalizing. And stereotyping doesn't just involve what race are you or what gender are you, but it also involves culture, religion, even hair color. Stereotyping has some negative effects such as the stereotype threat. Consequently, one major disadvantage is that to achieve what you want in life. Being under the threat probably you have to deal with some circumstances such as anxiety, decreasing your performance and self- defeating negative behaviors. Your performance and well psychological could be at risk. The good news is that having high confidence and self-worth can lead to overcoming stereotype threat. .
             Psychologist Claude Steele's writes is, "stereotype can often cause people to feel intense levels of anxiety that, through no fault of their own, can restrict a person from reaching his/her potential. In turn, feeling that you do not belong in a certain space can make it difficult for to remain in that setting and to sustain your motivation to stay there" (111). One good example came in from this interesting experiment conducted by Doctor Jeff Stone at Princeton University. Black and white athletes were told that they're going to be tested on a golf related task. First, telling them they were going to be measured by natural athletic ability in a miniature golf setting. After hearing that, African American performed better than white students. Secondly, students were told the golf game was going to be a test designed to measure results of thinking strategically during athletic performance. After this the study found that white students outperform African American subjects.

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