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Plato's Contibutions to Democracy

            Democracy is a debatable aspect and it centres on different perspectives that are held by different theorists. The heated debate of democracy includes the differing views concerning the definition of democracy, controversy over the suitable form of democracy since there are different forms, lack of relevant cases where total democracy was implemented and there are questions on who sets down the agreed levels and standards of democracy as the yardstick which takes precedence over other forms of regimes. This then leads to a continuous and controversial debate on democracy, in which Plato also brought forward his argument which is more of a critic to democracy.
             There is no general accepted definition for democracy and it is a contentious subject which is open to debate and it has faced much criticism from different theorists in which case Plato is one of the major contributors. The term democracy is believed to have originated from a Greek term "demos kratos" which means the rule of the people. This shows that democracy advocates for power to rest in the hands of the majority and the daily running of the political affairs should be determined by the citizens either directly or indirectly.
             Democracy can be best understood if it is split into small units or characteristics. It consists of free and fair elections, separation of powers, rule of law, recognition of human rights, equality, government of the people, by the people and for the people, pluralism and others features of democracy. This shows that for a state to be recognized as a democratic nation, it should therefore indoctrinate some elements of democracy or all features of democracy if it is possible. The general literature of democracy shows that, democracy is a subject of great concern and it is widely talked about in the modern world and it is therefore an accepted form of government to the minds and hopes of many.

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