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The Search for a Working Government

            In an essay called Democracy and Oligarchy, Aristotle uses question answer rhetorical mode of writing to provoke thought. Throughout the essay, Aristotle layers in questions towards the readers and once the question is asked, it is followed up with an answer. Aristotle insists on communicating to his audience to keep them hooked and focused on the point he is trying to prove. While reading Aristotle's essay, it was easy for me to understand and keep up the context because instead of inferring an answer I was given one. The United States' government is a form of democracy, with variations. A huge variation the United States put into their form of government the ability to elect representatives who vote directly on laws instead of citizens. This significant variation generates controversy over the United States being either a Democracy or an Oligarchy. Separation of Power and Checks and Balances doctrine are crucial parts in a democratic nation. The Separation of Power doctrine controls the power each branch of government is given and, the Checks and Balances doctrine dictates how much control each government branch has. Because citizens of the United States are unable to directly vote on laws, it hinders the country from being easily categorized as a democracy. My main concern for the future democracy is to not let the federal power succeed state power. A democracy is a government governed by the people, for the people. A feature of democracy is assuring every citizen is equal, regardless of ethnicity, age, or gender. Another attribute is making human rights supreme over laws or regulations. I see an ideal where every citizen has a say and is formed around the people, for the people. Aristotle defines aristocrats as the better class in society because they are typically the ones whom hold most nobility. A functional government can be both democratic and oligarchic due to the ideas of the distribution of offices, the Lacedaemonian constitution, and the mean between laws.

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