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Lenin's Role in the Bolshevik Revolution

            Lenin's role within the Bolshevik party was essential for the consolidation of power. His strategic and ideologically driven leadership elevated the Bolshevik regime into a position of control. His tactical implementation of social, cultural, military, economic and military reforms, in conjunction with his intellectual leadership; all assisted in the Bolshevik's maintenance of power, and a shift towards socialism. Although many of Lenin's choices throughout his leadership have been questioned, it can be argued that the positive outcomes of his pragmatic decisions ultimately outweighed these. Throughout my essay, I will analyse Lenin's role in regards to the achievements attained by the Bolshevik's. .
             By the start of 1917, the Tsarist rule was confronting intense issues, mainly due to his naive autocracy, "The fundamental cause of the Russian revolution was the incompatibility of the Tsarist state, with the demands of the modern state"1; the peasants were requesting land; the proletariat needed higher wages and better working conditions; the bourgeoisie needed political changes to make Russia a genuine majority ruled government; and each of the three classes were demanding an end to the war. More than anything, it was the war which spelled the end of Tsarism. By 1917, losses numbered in the millions, and the absence of food and ammunition on the home front created discontent. The Tsar was not able take care of these issues, and was soon ousted in a famous uprising. Because of the Tsar's judgement which was clouded by naive autocracy, he was unable to manage these issues, and his regime was usurped. Lenin the seized opportunities that presented themselves, picking up backing from the troopers, peasants and proletariat, through his motto 'End the war; Land to the Peasants; All Power to the Soviets'; in conjunction with this, he changed the Bolshevik Party into a catalyst for revolution.

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