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Contributions of Women to American Life

            From the very start of the American life, right after the Revolutionary War, the rights of women were intruded upon. Most people believed that women could not do the same things that men have been doing such as fighting for their own rights. However, many women proved these people wrong by fighting for the rights of those who could not speak up for themselves. One woman, Margaret Sanger, created birth control so that women could have the choice of when they wanted to have a child. Mary Harris Jones (Mother Jones), fought for the rights of children working in the mines and fought for both regulations and standards to be put into place for those workers. Both of these women helped to advance the United States of America by fighting for the rights of others and never giving up, even when faced with adversity. Margaret Sanger and Mary Jones are two women who had a highly significant impact on American life during the early twenties. .
             Margaret Sanger was an American writer, sex educator, nurse and famously a birth control activist during the early twentieth century. Sanger was the one to popularize the term "birth control". Margaret Sanger founded a movement in this country that would later institute such a drastic change in the course of history that is still talked about today. Sanger came of age during the Cornstock Act (a federal law that prohibited contraceptives), and believed that the only way to change the law was to break it. Starting in the year of 1910, she actively challenged federal and state laws to bring birth control information and contraceptives into the lives of women. She was known as the "radiant rebel" who developed the birth control movement in the United States at a time in which preĀ­marital sex was frowned upon in our society. She wanted women, who before were shunned for getting pregnant before marriage, to have a choice, even if it was through non-consented.

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