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Globalization and a United Earth

            It is as difficult to track the evolution of globalization as it is to define the term itself. The spread of information, the ease of communication, and the loosening of national boundaries have changed the way we think of and treat others from different communities. Thomas Friedman and David Harvey have both examined, from different points of view, how our global community has emerged. From an economical perspective, Harvey illustrates how easing market transactions between countries has had a substantial effect on globalization, while Friedman claims that technology has been the primary influence. Although both authors come at their understanding of globalization from different viewpoints, it is apparent in their arguments that they both agree the transformation of our world into a global community is only possible through individual freedoms. Harvey argues that a sound structure must be put in place by governmental forces to maximize the collective influence. He also acknowledges that by nature of our differences there has been inherent corruption in this philosophy, while Friedman neglects to address the role of government in a world where technology has leveled the global playing field. States can create the infrastructure for economies to interact on a global scale and technology can facilitate communication between continents across the vast seas of our world, yet without independent individuals with the liberty to personally contribute to the effort, there is no hope at a unified successful community. .
             In an article published in 2005, in the New York Times titled "It's a Flat World, After All," Thomas Friedman walks us through the three major turning points in the development of Globalization from a technological standpoint. Through technology, Friedman believes globalization has progressed systematically. Globalization 1.0, he states, occurred between 1492 and 1800 when countries began reaching beyond their borders for resources as well as imperial conquest.

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