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Changing Perspective Definition

            The Macquarie Dictionary defines "change" as revolutionizing, substituting, altering, and modification. Change is every shift that occurs in a person, in an environment, and in a state of any kind. .
             On a community level change is occurring each and every day, socially, technologically, economically, environmentally and politically. These impact our lives in ways that we are rarely aware of.
             Australia has undergone great social change such as: urbanization, the loss of religious belief, the influx of non-Anglo Australians, the rise in divorce rates and single parent families, the number of woman in the workforce, and so forth.
             Technology has gone full circle in recent decades. Not only including improvements in computers, the internet and cable and satellite television, but innovations such as the birth control pill, which "enlightened" women from the encumber of unexpected pregnancy. .
             Economic change is not only on a community level but also on a personal level as it affects everyone's life at some level. Uproars like surges in redundancy, oscillations in the cost of fundamental commodities, and double income families on lifestyle and wages, are all major issues in everyday life. .
             Environmental change is occurring each and every day including such things as the loss of bushland, disappearance of species, breakdown in the ozone layer, wastage of fossil fuels and salination, which are all serious issues of our community.
             Another area in our community that is continually changing is politics. As well as the more public pomposities there are subtle out of sight alterations in the power structure such as the empowerment of women and indigenous people, the acceptance and recognition of the civil rights of minority groups (ie. gays and lesbians) and the constant change in the balance between the rights of workers and the power of bosses. .
             All these changes take place around us that impact us directly and indirectly.

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