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The Migration of Indians to Australia

             Migration of Indian people as agricultural labourers and domestic workers dates back to 1800s (Museum Victoria, n.d.). With the introduction of immigration law in 1901, the migration of people went down. However, the population of Anglo-Indians and British Indians coming to Australia increased (Commonwealth of Australia, n.d.). After the changes in immigration rules in 1966, large portion of skilled workers and other migrants came to Australia (Museum Victoria. N.d.). According to Australian Bureau of statistics, in 2011, there were 5.3 Million migrants in Australia out of which 265000 were Indian born and 390894 had Indian ancestry[CITATION ABS14 n t l 3081 ] . Of the total migrants in 2011-2012, about 15.6% of migrants are from India [CITATION The15 n l 3081 ]. Indian-born community is culturally and linguistically diverse. .
             Health Care Practices, Beliefs and Hospital Practices .
             Family play an important role in the Indian culture. Death is accepted and is considered reincarnation of souls in Hindu Religion (Queensland Government, 2011). When a patient is dying he is usually surrounded by family members and close friends. Indian people may recite prayers, put the holy water of Ganga and basil leaf in the mouth of a dying person (Queensland Government, 2011). Indian people may also request to put a person in particular direction when dying and this should be respected. Generally, people of Hindu religion don't believe in extending the life through artificial life support systems. Also family members may request to reduce sedation when a person is dying as per the cultural and religious beliefs (Queensland Government, 2011).
             Communication factors styles.
             While communicating with Indian patients, care must be taken while calling them by their names. Elderly people don't prefer to be called by their names. However other people are comfortable being called by their surnames using Mr or Mrs (Queensland Government, 2011).

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