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Biography of Pablo Escobar

             Pablo Escobar is one of the most notorious if not the most notorious drug dealers ever to walk this planet. Columbian born, Pablo Escobar was the leader of the largest cocaine processing and distributing organizations in the world (Thompson). With a net worth of over fifteen billion dollars in American currency he was listed on Forbes as the seventh richest man during his reign (In Medellin becomes tourist attraction). Pablo Escobar is one of the most influential and feared persons to ever live in Columbia. He had the money and the power to influence other people in Columbia that were also very well respected and powerful. For example, Pablo and his cartel had ties with two Columbian presidents as well as other politicians that were powerful (World-Theage.com.au). The question that surrounded Pablo and still lingers around even after his death is, if his giant illegal enterprise outweigh his legacy that still lives on today.
             Beginning Of Pablo's Crime.
             Pablo made cocaine a global drug of choice when it first came out and he globalized it very quickly (Watson). Pablo started getting into his drug scheme very early. At the age of twenty-two he started working for a local smuggler named Alvaro Pietro, in his hometown of Medellin, Columbia (Pablo Escobar-Life and Influence of Pablo Escobar on Columbia). While still twenty-two, he made around one million dollars (Pablo Escobar-Life and Influence of Pablo Escobar on Columbia). Pablo was a very violent man during his drug run but even with his violence, he still did many important things to his very poor town that help the surrounding community and brought together his hometown of Medellin. To think of someone amounting fifteen billion dollars all in a drug organization is, in my eyes someone who became very successful and had a niche for business.
             Pablo Escobar is a native of Columbia, he was born in Rionegro, Columbia and his family then moved to Medellin shortly after his death (Pablo Escobar-Life and Influence of Pablo Escobar on Columbia).

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