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What Makes a Family?

             A family consists of two or more people who share a bond of either blood, love or both. In many occasions, the families share the same values, goals and commitments. There exists different families in the world, and each family is unique in its own way. Families differ in many ways from size, race and form. Reflecting back on the chapter two readings that focus on the issues of family happiness, it is evident that each family has its own definition of a happy home and happy family. Challenges and problems are inevitable in a family setting, but all in all there exists happy families. There are different factors that make a happy family and they include quality communication, togetherness, acceptance, support, and affection.
             Introduction .
             Tolstoy argues that "all happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way" (Sokolik & Krasny, 2009). This is a clear indication of the fact that each family is unique and has its own definition of happiness. There are common factors that make happy families but no common factors for the unhappy family. Each and every family has its own challenges and problems that make it unhappy in some way. For a family to be happy, it is not dependant on earthly or material things but on some values and morals that guide their everyday activities (Fischer & Karen, 2011). A happy family stays together no matter the situation and always tries to be happy no matter their challenges. So, what makes a happy family?.
             Quality Communication.
             In each and every happy family, quality communication is a contributing factor to the happiness. Communication from one person to another breaks many challenges like misunderstanding, hatred and disputes. Listening to each other is a good communication strategy that brings a family together and maintains harmony in the family. A family that stays in contact with each other and allows the expression of positive emotions as well as the negative one will always stay together as a happy family.

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