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A Different Life: An Identification of Cultural Differences and Values

             My essay explores Cultural differences between two different cultures. I interviewed my co-work, AB from the country of Mali located in West Africa. In my research, I used two surveys and the Hofstede Centre's Hofstede's Model of Senegal and the United States[ CITATION The16 l 1033 ]. Senegal, on the coast of West Africa, was the most similar country to my interviewees country of origin, Mali, West Africa. Survey one was used as a tool to acquire information about the interviewee background, such as his ideas about education/career choices, family, view of the United States and economic status. Survey two uses cultural comparison questions for both the interviewee and the interviewer to make a table to show cultural similarities/differences of the two.
             Keywords: Culture similarities, Cultural differences .
             A Different Life: An Identification of Cultural Differences and Values .
             It's amazing how today's society is so diverse in our personal and work lives. My essay is about how people of different cultures compare. Culture, defined as the programming of the human mind with which one group distinguishes itself from another group[ CITATION The16 l 1033 ], plays a large part in our we treat each other. I used Hofstede's Cultural Dimension Model and two surveys to help assist in obtaining my research on understanding this definition. My research and interview (surveys) helped me absorb a better understanding of the Hofstede's six dimensions and how it works in the workplace. I interviewed my co-worker/friend, AB from Mali, West Africa. I used the Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Model to help compare how different the cultures are, using Senegal (culture close to Mali). Afterward, I completed the surveys to see how we compared using five of the Hofstede Dimensions. .
             Interviewee's Background.
             AB is from Mali in West Africa and is in his mid-40's. He spent most of his childhood/teens years between Mali and France.

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