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Hamlet: Dialogue, Themes, and Actions

            In many variations of Hamlet: The Prince of Denmark, Hamlet's main thoughts, and sophisticated actions as well as plots are organized into one thought, and recited out loud in a soliloquy style. Hamlet has many soliloquies throughout the tragedy, accounting for a total of four main soliloquies and smaller, simplified ones. Within these poems, Hamlet conveys his emotions and verbalizes his thoughts to process them all. These soliloquies vary to many different degrees of sophistication and topic. Hamlet also plots his actions very meticulously into sort of a timeline, and wants to follow it action by action. These actions show how he is encompassed in the theme of the play with influences of vengeance, hatred, and death by murder or suicide.
             There are many different topics within these long poems and thoughts, however, this tragedy has almost three solid themes within all of his soliloquies and dialogue with others. They can be deduced to: calling his mother a cheating whore yet still loving her, the vengeance of his fathers murder by killing Claudius (or others), and his contemplation of taking his own life. .
             Connecting this deeply incredible tale, Hamlet has Freudian interactions with his mother. In the article The Interpretation of Dreams by Freud, the author explains how children are somewhat attracted to the parent of the opposite sex. Inside each of these relationships, the affection toward each other is greater than a relationship with ones of the same sex (boy/father and girl/mother). This may also have a sexual drive behind this. .
             This belief was very prominent in the Franco Zeffirelli interpretation of the play. In this movie, Hamlet and his mother, Gertrude, have been seen kissing far more than say Claudius and Hamlet. Within this Freudian article; he also informs us how we will become far more upset and sexual with a parent of the opposite sex. For example, "The dream of having sexual intercourse with one's mother was as common then as it is today with many people, who tell it with indignation and astonishment" (Freud).

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