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Commentary Microeconomics

            As a student studying IB economics HL, teacher spent the beginning one week teaching us command term and how to evaluate questions. Correcting our work in the beginning of new semester is a great idea for us to renew the knowledge that we have learned in last year. I have no idea what I was doing in the summer holiday. In this essay, I am going to analysis the work I did in the summer, the experience that I try to correct through mark scheme, and thought that I read my peer work and peer did for me.
             First of all, I want to go back to the time that I was doing my summer assignment. The assignment was divided into two parts-Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. When I first saw the assignment, I felt nervous about what I have forgotten because I began to do the economics homework at the beginning of August. I still remember the first problem to the assignment -will all the rebuilding and aid money increase GDP- that I think two sides are balanced. In that time, I think what they were comparing. After earthquake which means the increasing of unemployment, devastating of infrastructure, the action of increasing aid money can increase GDP compared with the immediate GDP after the earthquake. However, compared with the GDP before earthquake, the GDP have no ability to increase as high as before. .
             Secondly, mark scheme is quite curious to me. To be honest, it is my first time to see what the IB mark scheme really is. I felt surprised at first because it is quite different from what I have seen in the past. For most of part, it does not have the accurate answers, you can get any points from the economy theory you applied. From mark scheme, I realized that IB respect to students' own idea. IB doesn't want to have to absolute answers on the mark scheme. Students can analyze the problem from two sides, either side could be correct. The anther thing I notice is that students should have enough written response, especially the question "state your answer and explain your reasoning.

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