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Cell Phones and Barriers to Social Connections

            There have been many discussions over the question whether cell phones create barriers to social relationships. In this paper, I will propose the idea that mobile phones do not create barriers to social relations. I do agree that cell phones have become an essential part of our daily life, as they offer to us a number of advantages in terms of the ability to contact a person instantly and over long distance, sending text and graphic messages. Of course, we think that one or two phone conversation with a family member or a friend would be enough to satisfy one's needs to support our family or friends; however, none of the electronic devices can substitute the emotions and feelings you get from a real conversation. Greek philosopher, Aristotle stated, "Man is by nature a social animal" (Morris, 2013). Aristotle' words where interpreted, as being a member of a society, a person a priori are needed to maintain or establish social ties. Cell phones need be considered, in my opinion, as an instrument for maintaining social connections. Let us consider the example of social networks, which have millions of different users from different countries, continents, and cultures. Is it not an amazing, that if we are fond, for example with Italian culture, we can easily be a member of some of the thematic groups dedicated to Italian cuisine, art, music, or history. Such functions of our smartphones like the instant and almost constant connect to the Internet provides us with the possibility to read information, when we are taking our subway, bus, or taxi. I consider those features as the advantages that our cell phones offer to us. The fact that we are a phone call away, offer to us the possibility to get important information, doing our business, etc.
             The fact is we are living in a time, when life as a modern man or woman connected to technology is important. Our cell phones have become an essential part of that process.

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