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Reflective Essay - Achieving My Goals

            Growing up, especially during my high school days at the prestigious Kings College Lagos, I spent most of my holiday breaks at my Uncle's place. My Uncle is a general merchant (Business Man as locally called in Nigeria) and owns a good number of factories and chain of businesses. I always visited some of the Factories and Business office where I learned and understood production flow, inventory controls or warehouse management and customer satisfaction. Working there had a tremendous impact on me which inspired me. Quite naturally my first thoughts about a career tended towards being an Industrialist. I wanted to be like my Uncle.
             At undergraduate level my interest leaned more to the technical part of me, my love for technology. We were quite fortunate to have good laboratories and excellent professors. Having gained a Bachelors degree in Computer science, I proceed further for a one year mandatory service to my nation (NYSC). I worked as a high school teacher at a rural community where I taught Computer Science to for a year. That experience made me understand the joy a teacher derives when he impacts knowledge on a student. Moving ahead, I have worked as a procurement logistics coordinator, project scheduler/planner, a soccer coach for a local league team (we actually were unbeaten for a whole season), also a member of M.A.D (making a difference), a non-profit organization whose main aim is to promote environmental protection by means of implementation of energy technologies. Presently I am in an administrative role for one of the largest chain of stores in the United State and also a logistics coordinator for a firm here in Houston. The pace of change in industry has allowed me to amass practical organizational knowledge whilst exposing me to the challenges inherent in organizational change. These experiences along with my personal history have cemented my career aspiration as a leading logistics/supply chain provider to take advantage of the burgeoning growth of retail markets in Africa.

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