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Management of maternity

            This essay endeavours to reflect upon three separate scenarios experienced whilst undertaking my three years training. Theses scenarios will be reflected upon using Gibbs reflective cycle (1988). Gibbs reflective cycle includes description, what happened? feelings, what were your feelings at the time?, Evaluation, what was good and what was bad about the experience?, Analysis, what can you learn from the event? And conclusion, what could you have done differently or in addition to what you actually did? The scenarios are management of self which in particular focuses on communicating with bereaved parents, the second reflection will reflect upon management of caseload and will show how I managed my time and prioritised the women in my care. Finally this essay will focus on the topic of management of maternity services reflecting on how different it was working within a team midwifery setting. .
             Firstly this essay is going to look at what reflection is and how it can effect how health care professionals work and develop their practice. Reflection is currently very popular in nursing and midwifery education and is considered by many to be an appropriate tool for encouraging critical thinking, problem solving and facilitate the integration of theory and practice. Reflection is a process of internally examining an issue of concern, triggered by an experience which creates and clarifies meaning of terms of self and which results in a changed conceptual perspective. Smith (1995) implies that reflection enables us to look again at incidences/events and allows us to analyse them. He goes on to say that this critical approach can provide a new perspective for the benefit of nursing standards and the patients well being. This is supported by Laing (2000) who agrees that reflection can lead to an improvement in practice, is a tool for professional and personal growth (Steale 1998), Stuart 2000) and generates midwifery knowledge, stemming from practice (Stuart 1998).

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