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Teaching and Differentiated Instruction

            According to Oxford dictionary, differentiated instruction is the manner in which the teacher responds to a variety of student needs in the classroom situation or environment. The diversity of learners varies, from the academic readiness of pupils to the learning process. Like many new teachers, there is the struggle to keep the lesson engaged from the wide range of students with differences in learning interests, learning backgrounds, learning styles and curriculum knowledge. Teachers need to understand their students, so as to adapt their lessons to their students with different capabilities. An instructor, which differentiates, responds to the diverse learning needs of the pupils, and in the long run, the likelihood of the students to understand fundamental concepts is very high. .
             According to Schumm & Vaughn (1991), teachers have encountered difficulties in accommodating student differences by applying differentiation strategies and sustaining them. The difficulties attribute to the application of different procedures, various challenges include limited preparation time, a large class of students, the heavy workload of teachers, inadequate teaching resources, lack of emerging skills in differentiation and lack of teacher's will to differentiate. The approach to the instruction of student difference is a complex issue, and the teacher(s) need to see themselves as-as a facilitator and the students to be problem solvers and critical thinkers making it possible for the various opportunities in a class environment to be incorporated.
             A class of pupils has diverse forms opportunities, considering the dynamic evolution of education in society. New teachers or old teachers need to take understand to assess the different opportunities of students choice and device activities for various student learning styles, modify individual and group instruction so as to adapt students to their lessons.

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