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The Influence of Nazism in Germany

            Military and patterns of warfare have been strong influential aspects to every society, since the beginning of cultural indifferences. Military has influenced every major culture, beginning from the Spartan's in Greece to the soldiers of the Ming Dynasty. The rulers of these nations had close control over their militaries. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement was one of the most dictating, controlling, military power houses that controlled almost every aspect of German society. Hitler had a tight reign over the German people during his reign of the Third Reich. .
             Adolf Hitler's childhood revolved a lot around the arts. It is known that he dropped out of school at a young age. It is also said that he became involved in the arts after another death happened in his family. He was a free young boy, essentially, and therefore did as he pleased. Adolf become interested in the arts, such as operas and art museums around Germany. He was usually described as possessing aggressive, perfectionist, obsessive characteristics. With that being said, Hitler could get caught up on anything, or anyone for that matter. Once he stayed involved in the arts, he decided to continue and finally apply for an art exam. Hitler was rejected, and he did happen to try again. To say the least, Hitler did not take the rejection lightly. Considering his personal qualities, the rejection simply did not pass as any type of constructive criticism. Hitler's childhood has some dark spots in it, which leads others to question what happened. The art exam rejection was a turning point in his life, which led him to be a man of extreme, violent mannerisms.
             Hitler, somehow, came to dictate the majority of the country. He gained many followers quickly, within a very short time period. The influence of Nazism was obviously not a positive impact on the people and the nation. Hitler's government style practiced tactics of fascism and totalitarianism.

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