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Finding a New Perspective

            Do you have someone who loves to annoy you? Someone who enjoys pestering and wearing your clothes and never leaves you alone? I am sure everyone either knows someone or has someone like this in your life. However, for me, this person would be my little sister. My little sister is eleven years old, just the right age to do everything "sissy" does or tries to look just like me by stealing my shirts when I am asleep. Her name is Brianna Kay Harless, or known as "BB" (her nickname) as much as she tries to be like me, we are very different people. I would rather go the field and play softball as to where she would rather stay home and paint her nails. Despite our differences there was an event that changed my outlook on my sister forever.
             One morning around nine a.m. my parents woke my sister and I up to tell us we were having a family bonding day. Family time never goes good for us, someone always ends up mad or with food all over them. As I get up to get dressed, I can already hear my sister going through my closet to get one of my shirts. Annoyed as I already was, my first instinct was to yell at her to tell her to put my clothes up. Brianna being the drama queen she is, she yells for dad to tell him I was being mean to her, and just like I expected, dad takes her side and I end up without another shirt. .
             When all the mad chaos is finally over, we load up the jeep to go to Cape Girardeau, MO. Cape has a lot of fun things to do such as the mall, bowling centers, pet stores and nice restaurants. I would have loved to go shop at the mall but my sister overruled me as usual with going to the pet store. Don't get me wrong I love pets, but sometimes I just want to lock Brianna inside a cage and leave her there for a couple days. .
             After Brianna tries to play with every animal there we finally leave. I am thinking since we just did something she wanted to do that we would go to the mall for me! Again, I was wrong, she complained to be "starving" as if she did not eat breakfast a couple hours ago, so with the little princess being hungry we go to her favorite place to eat, Steak N' Shake.

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